LETTER TO THE EDITOR: No Nobel for Trump

Good grief, Beverly, haven’t you been paying attention? A peace prize for meeting with the dictator of the most brutal regime in modern times which meeting now lends legitimacy to that regime? (“President Trump vs. Philadelphia Eagles,” Letter to the Editor, June 15). Especially since nothing from that meeting produced anything new.

What I read was “working toward denuclearization.” Clinton and George W. Bush achieved eight years of no nuclear development without meeting Kim Jung Un’s father. You don’t meet with dictators and call them “a nice guy”.

And while on the subject of President Trump’s accomplishments, don’t forget to include tariffs for friends and others that will add to the cost of everything that a citizen of this country buys. Oops! There goes that tax break we just got.

I won’t be replacing my old car with a new one made with Canadian steel at the increased price. And almost everything you can list is made in China, which is retaliating its own tariffs.

The stock market figured that one out immediately. Now my investments are at risk of being worth lots less. And those good jobs are gone with the tariffs. Sorry to rain on your parade.

Dorothy L. Mallozzi

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