Letter to the Editor: No raise for Congress

Wow, first six months in and Rep. Ocasio-Cortez wants a pay raise. Do like the people on Social Security have been doing for last 10 years. When we got one, you took it back and then the rest didn’t even cover increases to supplement prescription plans. Let alone the ones at the grocery store.

Do like we have had to do. Cut your spending. Every year since Obamacare I keep going backwards.

Why don’t you think about the American people first? I could make out better with a $4,000-plus increase. But then they raise Medicare to take it.

And listen to Sen. Harris now saying same the thing Obama did. She’s going to even the income level and then only thinks of black people to help get homes. There are other people that need help too and I thought you supposed to represent all of us.

Marvin Fortney

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