Letter to the Editor: No to death penalty reinstatement

On May 30, New Hampshire became the 21st state to abolish the death penalty. As the sister of a murdered brother, I agree with the murder victims’ family members in New Hampshire who testified that the death penalty fails to provide for the needs of victims’ family members, often immersing them in more trauma. I affirm the law enforcement officers who testified that the death penalty fails as a public safety measure.

The news of New Hampshire’s repeal gives me hope after learning that some legislators in Delaware have introduced a bill (HB 165) to reinstate Delaware’s death penalty, which was declared unconstitutional by the Delaware Supreme Court in 2016.

Bringing it back will not change the fact that the death penalty fails as a deterrent to murder for both the public and public safety officials. Wilmington was called murder town USA and law enforcement officers were killed in Delaware while the death penalty was active. There are better ways to improve safety

Kristin Froehlich

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