Letter to the Editor: No to Woodbridge School Referendum

Woodbridge School District residents, beware. On March 12 you will be asked to vote for or against the school board, raising your property taxes again. We just finished building a new high school and they want more.

You are not supporting the kids by voting for this, you are voting for wasteful spending, higher property taxes and for people living on the streets because they couldn’t afford to pay their property tax.

In New Jersey they let this happen and now property taxes there are a lot of times, higher than the mortgage payments for a year. Please don’t let this happen to us. Vote no on March 12.

I want to commend the residents of the Indian River School District for voting down their referendum. Of course the school board there is preparing another referendum. Keep asking until you get the right answer, is not the right way, but it’s the Delaware Way.

Jay Pratt

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