LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Not all religious are pro-life

Please consider this a response to Ms. Pritchett’s letter (“Truth at odds when it comes to abortion,” Letter to the Editor, July 3) she starts off her letter addressing those people who don’t believe in God, obviously implying that only godless people would believe in abortion.

I am a United Methodist. Our church policy is pro-choice. My church came to this decision at our church council’s. These councils consist of clergy and non-clergy. The vote was taken and the majority voted for pro-choice.

We are not the only Protestant religion that is pro-choice. This is a democracy. I would guess that Ms. Pritchett is either Catholic or born again.

As an ex-Catholic I can attest to the fact that there is no democracy in the Catholic church. Ironically, Ireland recently voted in a referendum to give Irish women the right to choice. The Catholic church lobbied strong to defeat this referendum. They lost. I personally would love to see an American referendum on this issue, but I know that will never happen.

I wonder if Ms. Pritchett is old enough to remember what it was like for a pregnant woman before Roe v Wade? That woman’s choice was either have the baby or try a homemade abortion with a coat hanger.

Too many women die this way. Thank God our two senators will vote to protect Roe v. Wade.

Paul Donnelly

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