LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Not that simple

Mrs or Ms. Hilton, I read your letter (“An easy fix,” June 19) over the immigration issue. You do bring up some valid points, but it’s a lot more complicated than closing the border.

Recently our current POTUS got his ivory tower bought down on top of his head, the so-called “fake news” gave him the drubbing he so richly deserved. If we truly wanted immigration reform it should have happened 60 years ago. No one was interested because of the problems you will end up creating.

An older gent said to me the other day “We could have closed our borders after WW2. No one would have cared.”

You would have to start fixing things in the U.S. first, then outside the borders of the country.
This immigration problem is no different than the refugee crisis in Europe. This supposed wall he wants to put in will deter no one, like the old saying “fixed fortifications are monuments to man’s ignorance/stupidity.” There are parts of the country you can’t put the wall in because of the terrain and there are farm and ranchland issues that need different measures and also that includes the waterways.

As for the two gentleman who quoted the biblical references, only one did. The other quoted from the human standpoint. The biblical reference was Romans 13, (Jeff Sessions). He should know better than to mix governance and religion. They don’t mix, when they have disaster followed.

Lonnie Brewer

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