LETTER TO THE EDITOR: NRA’s contribution to mass killings

Bump stocks and high-capacity magazines have been responsible for most of the mass killings over the last four decades. These mass killings have doubled in the last two decades as well as the death and injury count. (Source: Violence Policy Center in Washington, DC.)

Banning them could prevent countless lives from being lost in mass shooting scenarios like the 64 mass killings that occurred over these last four decades.

Regarding the NRA, they have changed their philosophy to the profit-making motive over the last three decades and now contribute to these mass killings by their refusal to participate in “any sensible gun legislation measures.”

Banning bump stocks and high capacity magazines is sensible legislation since these accessories turn a semi-automatic rifle into an almost fully automatic mass killing weapon.

The NRA has been receiving ever increasing donations from the manufacturers of these accessories, enabling them to further advance their lobbying efforts to an ever-willing Congress to pass legislation to sell them on the market to any Tom, Dick and Harry.

Profit making is being prioritized over moral values presenting a huge societal problem. To our detriment, the NRA continues to resist promoting and/or legislating for comprehensive background checks.

Bill Clemens

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