LETTER TO THE EDITOR: NRA’s diminishing profits no national tragedy

This letter addresses Mr. Gaddis’s March 13 letter to the editor titled, “Rational and effective gun laws needed,” that this reader determined were spot on target. Our legislators could help reduce countless slaughters in this nation if they had the courage to vote in a bipartisan manner on these recommended reforms by Mr. Gaddis.

My careful research did not discover any mistakes regarding his knowledge of assault weapons. However, an opposing commentary (“‘People control’ needed, not gun control,” March 7) by a supposedly longtime National Rifle Association advocate, contained false information on assault weapons as well as the misperceived alleged threat that the government was going to take away our 2nd Amendment rights to bear arms.

Serving in Vietnam did not help Mr. Roof present facts regarding assault weapons. Instead, he seemed to fall back on his old habit of relying on fake news on right-wing ultra-conservative medias. Calling Mr. Gaddis’ knowledge of assault weapons and common-sense solutions to reducing mass murders, a “liberal urban legend” is ridiculous. Sheer nonsense!

The one fact that Mr. Roof was correct about was that the AK47 used extensively by our enemies in Vietnam shot rounds twice the size of ours. The 30-caliber more powerful and injury damaging cartridge of the M14 was replaced by upper military echelon consensus in the mid-60 by the less powerful and lighter weight M16 that Mr. Roof “may have” been privy too.

He erroneously stated, “that the last American firearm with a “clip” was the M1 Garand (Mr. Garand was the inventor) of World War II.” This retired Army veteran qualified with the M1 in basic training at Fort Dix in 1963. It contained an eight-round “magazine” (not called a “clip”) later revised to 20 rounds standard and 30 rounds extended magazine when the M16 replaced the more powerful 30-caliber cartridge of the M14 that replaced the M1 eight round magazine.

Presently, the M4 carbine is a shorter and lighter variant of the M16 assault rifle. It is being used extensively by the United States Armed Forces as the primary infantry weapon. The M4A1 upgrade to the M4 is capable of firing in semi-auto and fully automatic modes like the M16A1 and A3. These assault weapons keep on evolving and the gun industry reaps more and more profits. Thank you but no thanks NRA lobbyists.

Rest assured pro-gun advocates and Mr. Roof that the government in Washington or the state governments are never going to infringe on your Second Amendment rights by taking away your privileged right to own a weapon to hunt and/or protect yourself.

Hurricane Katrina was an emergency that resulted in assault weapons being temporarily confiscated due to the chaos in the streets and long delay of first responders. The New Orleans police superintendent who tried to confiscate all the weapons resigned shortly thereafter due to his misjudgment. A federal court halted these unlawful seizures.

Money making in the gun industry is the root of many countless slaughters in this nation. Don’t play into the NRA’s devious advertisements advocating no ban on any assault weapons. They may lose money, and wouldn’t that be a terrible national tragedy?

Bill Clemens

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