LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Number of statements on Trump just don’t add up

In response to Beverly Monahan’s piece in the Opinion section of the Delaware State News, June 15, dear, you missed the point as to the reason for NFL players kneeling during the national anthem. (“President Trump vs. Philadelphia
Eagles”) If you have an African-American friend, ask them.

As for expressing the players’ animosity and distress in an appropriate time and place, just what is that place? Their “states and communities in need,” where it falls on the deaf and blind leaders? National news is where serious issues are brought out into the open! Let it go, Beverly, it is called “freedom of speech” and they have every right to protest the way they want. Just as your opinion is your own.

And apparently the news has escaped you of the Trump Foundation being called “fraudulent” the same as Trump University was, and a fine is being requested for 2.8 million dollars by the New York Attorney General for financial abuse, with the dissolution of the foundation as well. Trump contributed zero to this foundation, and it is “simply a checkbook for his benefit.” Just two more of Trump’s errors in judgments.

Statements relating to our military’s strength — do you have numbers on this point? Improving and prospering America? Talk to businesses that rely on immigrants/migrant workers to shuck oysters, harvest fruits and vegetables, work on horse farms, and even work the concession stands on every sizeable beach town from New Jersey to the Carolinas. These businesses are missing their workers!

Your essay did not mention the thousands of infants to 16-year-old children that were and are being taken from their mothers and fathers at our borders, placed in institutional facilities. Is this not insane of Americans to permit this? Lifelong psychological damage happens to children taken from their mothers. Who will pay for that?

And what is the price we are paying for their forced incarceration? I know we are paying $300,000 every weekend POTUS goes to Mar-a-Lago to play golf.

Prospering? I received $10 more in my Social Security check this year and a $10 increase in my Medicare deduction — no prosperity here!

Veterans are better off? Have you asked any? Unemployment numbers are down (doesn’t count those who have no further benefits but still no job); good-paying jobs are a misnomer; new jobs are at the bottom of the payroll tier system.

Respect for America is now reestablished? Hah! Only in corn country. England and the rest of Europe are laughing at us, Asian countries think POTUS is crazy. Peace with North Korea? Shrewd Kim Jung Un is clever as a fox, I trust him not.

Nor do I trust a seriously pathological liar. Tweeting that he met with hundreds of parents of soldiers lost in Korea who begged him to have their sons and daughters’ remains sent back to them. He could not have met any. They would be 102 to 115 years old, and they are dead. Liar, liar pants on fire!

And the ending statement about the Eagles, “if they play they game ‘standing tall and erect” is your own opinion, and not that of many Americans! POTUS will make peace with anyone, if there is a profit in it for himself.

Gloria Markowitz

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