LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Obama’s actions, words serve to divide country

In his Letter to the Editor (Delaware State News 12-13-15, “Trump Rhetoric on Slippery Slope”), Mr. Ken Abraham compares Donald Trump to Hitler. But he appears to be overlooking the fact that we now have a president who many feel has abused his powers and ignores the Constitution and the will of the majority of the people.

Wouldn’t it be fair to also then ask, “Where will we draw the line regarding the president’s actions imposing his personal views rather than the words of the Constitution and the will and good of the majority of American citizens?”

Clearly, vast numbers of the American people do not trust nor agree with the president and have become anxious and distressed. That seems to be one reason for the popularity of Donald Trump. He may seem arrogant at times, and not careful about the wording he uses to express his views nor the specific persons within broader groups about whom he is referring, but at least, he does not allow “politically correct” to prevent him from speaking the truth, often not reported by the liberal media.

Many recognize this truth, and thus, have chosen to support him. Previously and currently, they have been intimidated to “hide” their concerns and beliefs because these days, others are quick to call them “racists” and other terms for daring to express their personal, including Christian and Constitutionalist, beliefs and concerns. Meanwhile, those who express opinions against the Constitution, against Christians, against those believing in traditional family values, etc., are free and even encouraged to continue speaking and acting that way.

Two Islamic terrorists killed 14 Americans in San Bernardino, yet, when President Obama addressed the nation about this horrific tragedy, he spent some time “lecturing” Americans about being “anti-Muslim.” And when some would like to assist the “true refugees” by sending aid to where they are, they are labeled “not caring,” and the only form of helping acceptable to them and the president is bringing them here despite security concerns expressed by even certain of the president’s own officials.

Obama’s passion to come to the help and defense of others seems “one-sided” in how this is done and “whom he helps” … whether insisting, in the case of Syrian refugees, that help must be here and not in their home area, exchanging known terrorists for an American defector, immediately reacting to support those he agrees with — even if they committed crimes or took other wrongful actions, whether Muslim or minority, yet, deliberately remaining “quiet” when someone who doesn’t fit into the categories he supports is killed or harmed (like Kate Steinle).

Meanwhile, when it comes to radical Muslims, the spread of radical jihad is a serious problem that has found roots in our nation and other nations, not just in terrorist actions, but in the mistreatment of women and the killing of anyone who does not share their point of view.

Donald Trump seems to appeal to many American citizens who are being ignored by both Democrat and Republican leaders in Congress and the White House. So, while Trump may be arrogant and not careful about his choice of wording, he at least speaks the truth as many Americans see it, while President Obama, on the other hand, rather than being a president for ALL the people, interested in their wellbeing and security and the strengthening of our nation and economy, instead acts to “favor” those who represent his personal political and religious beliefs.

We have lost “A nation of the people, by the people, and for the people,” a nation founded on Judeo-Christian principles, which for centuries has welcomed peoples of all cultures and beliefs and these peoples were appreciative of coming here, worked hard, learned English and respected our laws and religious freedom. I know, because my mother-in-law/mother came legally from Mexico and exhibited all these traits.

We were better at “living quietly in peace with one another” in those days (with, of course, exceptions known to all), but under President Obama, it is no longer that way. Instead, his actions passionately supporting and imposing personal beliefs and favored groups have divided the nation and threatened the security, wellbeing and economy of the vast majority.

In this special season when those who are Christian celebrate the birth of Christ, and many peoples of ALL faiths (or none) reach out to help those who lack food and shelter, let’s all stand together as caring people, not “politically divided” people.

Fred and Karen Smiga

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