Letter to the Editor: Obama’s scandals

Vice President Joe Biden, on “The View,” said there was never even a breadth of scandal during the Obama administration.

He must have been out of the country during Benghazi which left four Americans dead; the IRS scandal, which intentionally targeted conservative organizations; Fast and Furious, which involved the illegal sale of guns to drug dealers resulting in the death of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry; Hillary’s emails and the way that she handled classified information; Bowe Bergdahl, a deserter, and the trade for five Taliban prisoners; the Iranian prisoner swap for $400 million cash payment in unmarked bills; Hillary’s pay to play with the Russians who got a Uranium deal for a “donation” to her foundation; the long wait time for our vets to get help resulting in deaths; Loretta Lynch and her tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton; the unmasking of private U.S. citizens for political purposes; Solyndra; the Secret Service prostitution scandal; Hurricane Sandy relief funds that never found their way to New Jersey and New York; the Obamacare website that cost taxpayers over $600 million, that didn’t work; and, let us not forget, the Obama administration’s interference with the Israeli elections.

He just needs someone to help him remember the important things that affect the American people. This was the Democratic Party for eight long years.

John Gondeck
Denton, Md.

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