LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Of bogeymen, anti-Christs and assured Armageddon

Efforts in progress to expose the pending Iran nuclear deal as the sure steps to a nuclear war are truly laudable.

Bearing the fabulously successful mantra of “be afraid” (in this case, of any attempt to control arms or negotiate peace), most Americans have reportedly been able to see right through this nefarious threat to our national existence. After all, if we can’t trust the redoubtable Bibi Netanyahu to proclaim our true national interest, we’re in deep doo-doo.

Obama (and his evil globe-trotting minion Kerry) are hell-bent on bringing disaster upon us. The dude must be desperate to accomplish something in his last year in office worthy of his prematurely granted Nobel Peace Prize.

Despite his smooth rhetoric, most of us have been able to penetrate right through the international efforts by Obama and the rest of the world for so-called “peace.”

The Iranians (may God have no mercy on them) are satanically trying to initiate a nuclear-arms race in the Middle East, no matter what anybody says. The fact that Israel already has at least 200 nuclear weapons poised for express delivery to them is totally irrelevant. Pay no attention to any nonsense offered as plausibly pertinent by the Iranian evildoers.

Iranians owe us. They should be thankful we ousted their elected, socialist-leaning elected government and replaced it with a royal tyrant, the Shah. That guy modernized his country, although with U.S.-trained secret police terror to eliminate dissidents.

In gratitude, he got overthrown by a bunch of rag-tag students (who then gave way to religious autocrats). Reagan gave the revolutionaries a boatload of anti-aircraft missiles (which they used against our then-ally Saddam Hussein). Bush II kayoed Saddam, turning Iraq into a Shiite-governed ally (or vassal) of Iran … and we get no thanks from the ayatollah!

Liberals seem to think Iranians have seen enough religious orthodoxy to want less and enough democracy to want more. Don’t bet on it. Lifting sanctions and inviting Iran back into the community of nations isn’t going to mellow them. That should have been a treaty condition!

Fortunately, many fundamentalist Christians are already highly suspicious of Obama’s motives. In a display of acumen worthy of Monty Python, they have been strongly inoculated against any charismatic peacemaker. Such a charlatan could well be their long-anticipated Great Deceiver or Anti-Christ.

For obvious reasons, Obama’s efforts have moved him near the top of the A-C watch list. Those Muslims have not cornered the market on religious perspicuity! (Trust me, I’m pretty sure that “perspicuity” is a word, but I won’t be offended it you look it up.)

The Pope sure doesn’t seem to be up to speed on all this yet, but what can one expect? Hopefully, if he isn’t the Anti-Christ himself (as many smart folks believe already), he’ll see the light during his upcoming visit to Philadelphia.

Biblically directed Jewish settlers, who have demonstrated a willingness to stop at nothing to seize the remaining Palestinian lands, yearn (and burn) zealously to create a new Kingdom of Israel. Despite universal condemnation (except, praise the Lord, the U.S.), Israeli settlement construction and Palestinian eviction must continue if conditions for the Second Coming of Christ are to be fulfilled. Amen to that, brother. (Let’s hear a shout-out for those doomed-to-perdition Jews!)

We’ve already managed to unloose a near-Armageddon (close, but not close enough) by our just military interventions in the region over the past decades. In the midst of this turmoil, millions of innocent, terrified minorities are facing extinction or exile at the hands of Sunni fanatics like ISIL.

Ironically, many of the hapless survivors are hanging on with the help of arms and Shi’ite forces backed by Iran (including Hezbollah). Furnishing weapons to desperate relict minorities (including the remnant ancient Christians, Yazidis and Zoroastrians, whose centuries-long existence to date was tolerated only by now-ousted dictators), the Iranians may be seeking to soften us. If so, nice try, but forget it, ayatollahs! What further proof is needed that the Iranians are dastardly terrorist arms suppliers?

Just rev up our bombers and missiles, and we’ll show them how we detect and dispose of secret nuclear weapons.

(Just remember Iraq, Libya and Syria.) We may not “bring them all to justice,” but the ensuing chaos will keep the survivors busily killing each other … and too occupied to be a serious threat to us.

Down with Obama, Kerry and the other self-deluded supporters of negotiations. We can never risk losing the great bogeyman, Iran, as our sworn foe. Urge your elected representatives to reject the Iran Deal. No retreat, no surrender!

Fade to that golden-oldie tune “Bomb, bomb Iran!”

Mike Apgar

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