LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Of Socialists and social programs

Regarding the opinion piece printed in the Delaware State News Aug. 13 edition by Frank Daniels Col. (Ret.) USAR entitled “Democratic Socialism dangerous to our way of life.”

I found Mr. Daniels’ opinion intriguing because he speaks of Democratic Socialism (i.e. Progressive Democrats) as if they are espousing communism not socialism. Mr. Daniels glorifies the stock market as if it is the epitome of capitalism. Like many Trumpeters he thinks the stock market is representative of the fiscal health of our nation and probably thinks that its performance is directly linked to the party affiliation of whoever occupies the Oval Office.

That’s a naïve perspective because if such was true we could blame Black Tuesday entirely on President Hoover who was a Republican. Now there’s a lot that can be laid at that man’s door but I don’t think he was entirely responsible for the run amok lack of banking regulations and options purchases on margin that largely precipitated that debacle.

Anyone who knows anything about economics knows its the things of intrinsic value that constitute the fiscal health of nations while the truly wealthy invest most of their fortunes in bonds, not stocks. The stock market is a crap shoot and should be approached with the same trepidation as a casino. Of course, I’ll play the market rather than try to beat the house rules at a gaming den because the odds are better on Wall Street as long as I heed my own counsel and avoid the herd mentality.

Apparently Mr. Daniels thinks he’s smarter than everyone else in as much as he can point to one thing that is driving our nation down without offering a single viable solution other than doing away with social programs so that free enterprise can flourish and the stock market will surely make everything hunky-dory.

I wish I had a time machine I could use to send people like him back to 1929, better still it would be nice to reincarnate him in a regressive time loop as a collier in Appalachian company town before the unionization movement in the coal industry. I don’t doubt that Mr. Daniels is better educated than many people but like little old uneducated me, his acumen in not rounded. His opinion has been skewed by propaganda the likes of which I understand the origins of quite well.

I don’t really want to explore the hyperbole Mr. Daniels has fallen prey to but he has forced the matter to the fore with his slanted perspective.

I fully understand why Mr. Daniels is opposed to Medicare as an unsustainable program; since it needs a whole lot of tweaking; but alas I do not doubt as a retiree from the Reserves he enjoys Tricare benefits. I wonder how much he’d hoot and holler if there was a movement afoot to take that earned benefit away from him wherein the program was labeled socialistic in order to garner support from the uninformed who do not respect the sacrifices of the military as I do.

Sadly it has long been the policy of some amongst the powers that be to keep the masses bickering amongst themselves lest attention be drawn to their agenda which has largely contributed to this nation’s misery index.

Mr. Daniels mistakes that it is only the Democrats who raided the Social Security fund. The Republicans had their fingers in the till too because they’ve been trying to destroy it since its inception and what better way to do that than to prompt its bankruptcy?

I am sure Mr. Daniels will have a scathing rebuttal to my opinion wherein he will call me a liberal when fiscally I am anything but that. I am old now. I’ve read a lot and have seen too much history to be in the least impressed by Mr. Daniels but I will give him the opportunity to prove himself more capable than I of completely resolving at least one of the major problems facing our nation within a specified near future time frame.

I’ll even go first. I chose to address the national debt which I believe I could wipe out in 10 years by the creation of a national lottery; rather like George Washington did in paying off the Revolutionary War debt. Once the national debt was wiped out from its current level the lottery could be disbanded. This lottery would offer no annuity option and it would be mandated by law that proceeds from it could not be used to fund any other program.

This lottery’s proceeds would go into paying its own overhead, prizes and dissolving the national debt. Now Mr. Daniels, it’s your turn to stop complaining and offer a workable solution to a problem. Don’t be too quick to ridicule my suggestion. After all if it was good enough President Washington surely it’s good enough for you.

I bet given enough time and information I could fix Medicare too although I’d likely be assassinated, but who wants to live forever?

Carol Hotte

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