LETTER TO THE EDITOR: On term limits

Mr. Daniels I read your letter (“Term limits would help solve some of nation’s ills,” Sept. 8). First thank you for serving whether in peace or in conflict. (I also read) Ms. Hotte, your letter (“Of Socialists and social programs,” Aug. 16).

Both parties need to cease fire, the opinion/editorial columns are not the proper venues for bashing or name calling. We see enough of that with the politicians.

Mr. Daniels, you have Bernie Sanders’ pegged wrong. Read his book “Our Revolution”. And look at some of the things he wanted to do if he became president, then you will have a better understanding of the man.

First, why is everyone in an uproar about the $15 minimum wage.It should have changed when Bill Clinton was president and increased to the $15 level over time. Mr. Daniels, even I knew that Tricare in the end would end up a payable insurance program, sad but true. You’d think out current POTUS would spend his efforts overhauling Medicare/Medicaid and the Social Security system and force both parties to put back the monies they took away.

Good idea to give the POTUS line-item veto power and passing a law to have a balanced budget instead of this nonsense that goes on.

As for term limits, as I said in one of my editorial letters, “some states do things smarter than others.” Currently only 15 states have term limits for legislators (Delaware is not one of them). In all, 21 states have passed legislative term limits one time or another.

The states that have term limits got them through the citizens’ initiative process, and only 24 states have this process.

Lonnie Brewer

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