Letter to the Editor: Orsted Wind Energy proposal presents problems

This past Tuesday’s (11/19/19) public meeting with Delaware legislators, DNREC, State Parks, and Orsted Wind Energy representatives was held at the Indian River High School. The entire school auditorium was filled and 99% of those in attendance voiced total opposition to all the proposed improvements for the Fenwick Island State Park, and that the natural character of the park should be left untouched.

The park is an ecologically sensitive area that contains wildlife and protected species, so a two-story concrete parking garage, pickle ball courts, a pedestrian overpass across Del. 1, and a new nature center are all out of character in this park.

Medical clinicians at the meeting spoke about cancer and the danger surrounding electro magnetic radiation associated with high-voltage electric cables.

It’s no wonder Delmarva Electric places their high-voltage cables and transfer equipment at fenced-in locations so the general public is kept safely away from magnetic radiation. The thought that the state’s guardian of our environment, would allow families to vacation in a public park that contains high voltage cables and substation utilities is both incomprehensible and unsafe.

At the meeting, I asked if there were other sites along the Atlantic coast where Orsted could land their high-voltage cables. Orsted’s rep said there were other sites but “the park was the most efficient”.

I also noted that Del. Code Title 7 and DNREC’s Administrative Code state that a lease application for a utility (use) can be denied for, “…[the] likelihood of …electromagnetic interference,” “impact on scenic beauty of the surrounding area”, and “effect on adjacent residential areas” (Ex. loss of property values).

Secretary Garvin agreed that DNREC has the authority to deny a utility lease application in the Fenwick Island State Park given that Orsted has alternative sites available,

I implore DNREC’s Secretary Garvin deny all binding utility lease applications in the Park.

Paul Breger
Fenwick Island

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