LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Osher Lifelong Learning Institute a community gift

During National Teachers Week I saw a piece on the 11 p.m. news praising two teachers at a high school near Philadelphia for work above and beyond to help students become better people.

It caused me to think about the many teachers I have had who were exceptional. Some were professional educators, many were not. In 2012 I learned about Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI). Wikipedia describes OLLI, as it is known, as a place where “seasoned” adults can take classes with no assignments, tests, or grades. They have over 120 locations in all 50 states. They have locations in all three counties in Delaware.

The teachers are our neighbors, our friends, and maybe even our relatives. They come from the professions, the trades, the arts, and many other places. They are all volunteers sharing their knowledge. Across the nation their ranks are legion. I think I speak for all OLLI members when I say, Thank You for this great gift you give us.

Joseph Bailey


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