Letter to the Editor: Our government

Let’s take a look at what our government has done/not done for this precious country of ours, where do I begin?

Well, money is spent to help drug addicts, illegal aliens, and foreign aid, but we have homeless veterans and families. The border checkpoints are currently closed to assess the illegal detainees, which is a waste of time and money. Jobs are still being sent overseas, when hard-working Americans (the few that are left), are left to wonder what to do next. These elected leaders are so focused on liberalism and socialism, they have lost sight of what this country stands for and needs.

We need to go back to a God-fearing/loving society that takes pride in themselves, their community and their country. We need to stop bending/ breaking rules that allows illegal entry into this great land. If the intention was to come in for a better way of life, it would be done the right way. There should be no detainees, turn them around at the border if they do not have proper documentation.

Our government raises taxes, gives themselves undeserved raises, and allows comments like “our soldiers are paid too much money.” We call these people our leaders, and I for one, who really hates watching the news, and only catches a glimpse of this stupidity on social media, think it’s time to clean our government, beginning with Congress. I’m ashamed of them, not that I could do any better, but common sense dictates that you take care of home first and adhere to the rules that have been neglected for far too long.

As far as addicts go; if the state is going to bear the burden of cost for narcan for them, then bear the cost of diabetic and chemotherapy for people who desperately need it. Where would the money come from?, our leaders would ask. From the money that you stop giving to illegal immigrants, and from the raises that you “don’t get” for quite some time. That wasn’t so hard to figure out, was it?

In all fairness, I have to add, that President Trump is doing his best, however callous and blunt he may be, to take our country back; it’s the liberals holding up the process.

Debbie Hilton

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