Letter to the Editor: Our gun problem

Contrary to what President Trump says, these mass shootings are not the result of violent video games (as disgusting as they apparently are) and mental illness. There are video games and mentally ill people in every country but nowhere do the number of mass shootings approach that in America.

America is the only country that has more guns than people — somewhere between three and four guns for every American. Of course we don’t know for sure since our laws prohibit a national registry.

Easy access to guns specifically developed for military and law enforcement use, and to accessories such as high-capacity magazines, bullets designed to cause as much organ damage as possible as they penetrate the body and bump stocks, makes it easy for those who hate to kill and maim as many human beings as possible in as short a time as possible.

The Second Amendment of the Constitution’s right to bear arms was written at a time when no one could even think of the types of guns in the public domain today. At what point does my right to own whatever and as many guns as I want interfere with your rights to the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness which were declared as unalienable in America’s Declaration of Independence?

Hate groups have been on the rise since President Obama was elected. The rate of that rise accelerated during Trump’s campaign and election. Counties that hosted Trump rallies in 2016 saw a rise in hate crimes and many of the criminals referenced Trump. This president’s words and actions most certainly do encourage and embolden those who for whatever reason wish to harm other human beings. The president and those who fail to condemn his rhetoric for the inflammatory vileness that it is are culpable.

Patricia Frey

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