Letter to the Editor: Our history is not being erased

In response to Kim Luton’s letter, (“Erasing our nation’s history”) I am of the opinion that the state withholding funding from the Sons of Confederate Veterans who display a CSA flag at their war memorial is a great idea.

Why should we the taxpayers be funding a monument to a country who waged a war against our own? Since it is always you conservatives who tout that no one should expect handouts from the government, why should this nonprofit which memorializes our foe be given government handouts? If they want to have the flag up, that is their right, but they should find a way to fund it themselves instead of leeching off the government.

Furthermore, Ms. Luton, this point which you make about the Democrats being the party of slavery was indeed true, 120 years ago. Everyone who took 10th-grade American history knows that at one point the Democrats were the conservative party of the south while the Republicans were the liberal party of the north. However, by 1932, the people elected Democrat FDR, a very liberal president for the time. The parties’ ideologies flipped and perhaps if you flipped a page in a history book you’d know that too.

Jack Heavner

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