Letter to the Editor: Our house is divided

Abraham Lincoln spoke his immortal “The House Divided” speech 161 years ago when running for the Illinois Senate against Stephen A. Douglas. “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”

This Senate race was lost by Lincoln. His political pathway was difficult throughout his life but historically Lincoln’s political travails became America’s blessing of greatness. There is a compelling irony that those words would also apply in today’s America.

The sunshine patriots in Washington, D.C. should remember that memorable speech and equate to embody themselves to actually accomplish the tasks at hand which are so very vital to America’s future. Apply their abilities to progress and not be consumed by the hatred they (Democrats at large) feel so strongly against the POTUS.

Their position of power within the hallowed halls of Congress has dimmed their vision to function as a unified unit of America. Yes, the days of Tip O’Neill (D) and Ronald Reagan (R) are definitely over but their spirit should be the example of all righteous political leaders to revere and follow. Their venomous commitment to destroy President Trump is the function they appear to thoroughly enjoy and pursue at America’s expense. While these demagogues voice their commentary as beneficial for America are unworthy of the fruitless efforts they pursue and unworthy of a great nation.

Although today’s politicians are in no way, shape or form achieving the status level of Abe Lincoln, they still have pledged their commitment to serve and benefit America. To date, they have failed miserably in their conflicted effort to complete that task. Shame upon them for their obsessive dedication to remove President Trump from the Oval Office.

America is in desperate need of solutions to the major problems that have been festering throughout our country and blatantly ignored or neglected by our American Congress — congressional masters of “The Kick The Can As Far As It Will Go” platform — or that the citizenry will permit.

Abe Lincoln would bow his head in sorrow to see the nightmare that the Democratic congressional leaders and membership have inflicted upon America. American citizenry should be their focus to complete the task of governing and condemning the POTUS is not the resolution to our salvation from the major issues that have been so despicably disregarded by our elected congressional bureaucrats.

The realization that their bitter fruitless degradation of the POTUS is not the war they should be waging. All of their efforts should be focused on a grander scale — establishing and confirming success, security and prosperity for all Americans.

Their current behavior is non-productive and unacceptable. These detrimental behavior patterns equate to the behavior of misbehaving children who are in need of a permanent time out or congressional replacement! We are collectively asking “What have you done for us lately?”

May God always bless the United States of America.

Beverly Monahan

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