LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Our next step in our nation’s next step

What an amazing election we just had the privilege of witnessing. Despite the massive effort and unveiled agenda of the media and an opponent with unlimited funds, an outlier named Donald Trump prevailed.

Not only did he defy the polls, pundits, and his own party, he kicked over the tables of the Establishment Elite made evident during his run … of the mainstream media, of leaders posing in religious garb, of the entrenched institutions of banking and big business, of the agenda-driven public education power base … the list goes on.

He is by not a “perfect” candidate by a long shot. But who can argue that we’ve had our share — in both parties — of those who look, speak, act and say “perfectly” what’s supposed to be said, only to be left where we are?

Up until now we’ve simply expected those we’ve financially supported, stumped for, prayed

Sher Valenzuela

Sher Valenzuela

for, and voted for to do what they said they were going to do once they took their seat in office. We’ve shown up at the polls in November and done our “civic duty,” and then gone home, believing big.

Remember “The Contract with America”? A massive, out of the chute hit, supported by the majority of Americans. We shouted our approval and then went back to watching whatever rivaled “Dancing with the Stars” at the time.

We didn’t leave our post as effective citizens … we never took it.

If this unorthodox election is evidence of what works and what doesn’t, it’s time for we, The Average Citizen, to break out of our mold, interrupt our pattern, and take OUR seat at the table.

I’m impressed to see that one day after this historical election — the Trump Transition Team launched a website designed to help citizens do their part. You’ll find it at http://www.GreatAgain.govwww.GreatAgain.gov.

I encourage you to go there, right now, and add your name and contact information to demonstrate your support, and your continued involvement. Many of you have a microphone or a platform as mouthpiece. All of us have a sphere of influence. Use what you have, spread the message, and encourage others to create the brush fire of what it will take to restore america to its foundational principles.

We have an opportunity to make something amazing happen in the next four years and beyond. Let’s not blow it this time. Let’s make America great again … together.

Sher Valenzuela

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