Letter to the Editor: Out of the mouths of babes often come gems

Matthew Hesterman of Magnolia’s “Self-reflection” opinion in the Delaware State News on Dec. 1 was an excellent example of our American youth who are aware of the current political atrocities we have been guilty of in believing that our way is the only path forward for America.

This young man and his brethren are the future of our beloved country. He is wise beyond his years. Unfortunately, we older (not necessarily wiser) individuals have accepted for years the old school politics that have brought us to this unchanging travesty of barriers to American progress. We have played this dishonest political game.

His observations of this ill-fated conflict and identified it as destructive to America. This political detrimental course of action has flagrantly flourished throughout the leadership of America and is religiously ordained by our dedicated citizenry. This negates the self-reflective ability to work effectively within our political system.

We believe our preferred information should be envisioned as truth. Our preferential leaders agree that we are correct. We must learn to earnestly listen to both sides of an issue. Common sense is a virtue that has been long lost and forgotten in this battle of political wits.

Both right and left must deliver together the right approach for a resolution to the many problems America is facing. Playing the blame game does not work and, frankly, never will. As Americans we have picked sides and expressed ourselves according to our perceived ideas.

I am guilty of being a very opinionated person (Pro-Trump) but after reading Mr. Hesterman’s critique of today’s political circus I realized that we must all learn from the big picture. Self-reflection and consideration of an opposing idea by everyone involved is truly the pathway to American success. We all should express our views but in a manner that is not derogatory and disparaging to those who do not agree with us.

Yes, we currently have the crazies on both the right and the left. We should never allow them to overtake our search to secure a better America — an America that our young Americans can believe in. They, justifiably, do not approve of the present mode of operation surrounding the current political arena.

It has led us absolutely nowhere and the young people recognize this troubling fact.

They do not want to inherit the deliberate angst exhibited by both Democratic and Republican leadership and inherent followers. This action is warranted throughout our entire beloved country.

We must elect persons of stable, knowledgeable attributes not the angry combatants that have done nothing for the betterment of America. Their presence today will prove to be a sad memory of the past. Young Americans are the future and we should have the wisdom to recognize their major concerns and what they want America to offer them to secure a stable, prosperous, and respected life. We owe our youth the best we have to provide.

Starting with Mr. Hesterman’s observations we can begin with ourselves. Review what we as individuals are able to change to make our beloved country the America our young are so deserving of. Brave Americans have fought and died to ensure all Americans will be proud to call America home. Their injury and loss of life must never be forsaken.

Listen to the young people. With like-minded young citizens like Matthew Hesterman, we will secure and maintain the America we all deserve and have learned to treasure and love above any other country on earth.

May God always bless the United States of America.

Beverly Monahan

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