LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Outside money, no record

Every election cycle I follow our local elections very closely. It is very important for me to choose the right man or woman for the job, regardless of party affiliation. As someone that has moved here from another state, I have learned that people from our local area want to be able to connect with their representatives and expect them to be active in their local communities.

I was very surprised when the financials came out for both candidates when I saw that Mr. Allan had taken so much money, over 80 percent of his total fundraising efforts, from people and groups outside of our local communities. With so many influences from outside of our area, it makes me think that favors will be called upon Mr. Allan, should he be elected.

We need a candidate that knows our local issues and challenges through experience and one that has a record of connecting people together to solve them. Bryan Shupe has received over two-thirds of his donations from our district, and as the former mayor of Milford, small business owner and longtime community volunteer, has the experience we need to meet our challenges. Just as important, he has shown the ability to bring our community together to facilitate plans of action and create real change.

I am also concerned with Mr. Allan’s ability to ensure clean water in the rural areas of our district. Since his party has been running the state of Delaware for many years, I am concerned that nothing will continue to be done. If DNREC is not listening to the ruling party now, what makes us think that by selecting someone with the same affiliation will make a change and get the water clean in our rural areas?

Bryan Shupe feels strongly that we have to hold DNREC responsible and I believe he will get the job done. He has a record of ensuring clean water as mayor of Milford through rehabilitating and building new infrastructure, in a fiscally responsible way that did not raise our taxes.

The decision of who to vote for on Nov. 6 should not be a Democrat vs. Republican decision. It should be a decision about which candidate will give us a local voice in Dover and which candidate has the experience to get the job done. Mr. Allan’s promises are just words with no experience or community involvement record to back them up. This will make it easy for him to become a rubber stamp in Dover for the same outside influences that have paid for his campaign.

Bryan Shupe has proven record as former Mayor of Milford, small business owner and community volunteer of listening to neighbors, taking on the status quo and executing action to solve our large challenges.

For that reason I will be voting for Bryan Shupe for State House of Representative in the 36th District on Nov. 6. Won’t you join me in this vote?

James Reilly

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