Letter to the Editor: Overturn Roe vs. Wade

This is in reference to Nurse Vasikonis’ eloquent lengthy commentary on April 14 regarding the efforts of the state and abortion industry to improve the safety of the abortion procedure.

Unfortunately, during the entire message, she failed to mention this “safe procedure” kills a baby.

In the 243 years since our country declared its independence and freedom from Great Britain, approximately, 1,000,000 servicemen and women have died to ensure all Americans are free.

In the 46 years since abortion was declared legal by the Supreme Court in 1973, over 60,000,000 babies have been killed, never enjoying one second of freedom those servicepeople died or were injured trying to protect.

When you next meet a mother holding a baby, recognize this is what died during the safe procedure, not tissue, not a glob of mass but a baby.

As you watch the political and weather storms increase in this country, recognize that this is a sign of God’s growing impatience. It is past time this horrendous decision be overturned.

Robert J. Frost

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