Letter to the Editor: Pass ‘Share the Care’ act

I am writing in support of S.B. 27, the “Share the Care Act,” now under consideration by Delaware’s legislators.

My 94-year old father was an active, robust family man. When various health conditions got the best of him, caring for him became complicated.

Honoring my father’s request to stay in his own home was challenging, because state law did not allow home health aides to give medication to patients. When Dad needed medicines throughout the day and night, my family had no choice but to rely on each other and jostle around our busy schedules to be there 24/7.

Had a law like the “Share the Care Act” been in place in Maryland (where my father lived), our last months with him would have been spent as loving children instead of stressed-out home health care providers. Since there was no other affordable solution, we did what we had to do for a long period of time, including home hospice for over 30 days before he died.

If aides could have given his medicines, my work and family life would not have been as severely impacted. My family could have kept up with some of our daily routines and avoided the stress of missed work time and juggling our personal schedules.

That is why I am showing my support for Senate Bill 27, the “Share the Care Act”, so families like ours can get the help they need and spend quality time with loved ones who need care. AARP is working with a statewide group of partners to pass this important piece of legislation. We all want to make life better for Delaware’s 123,000 caregivers and their loved ones.

Mary Louise Embrey
AARP advocate
Bethany Beach

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