Letter to the Editor: Pelosi adding to immigration problem

Nancy Pelosi now wants illegal immigrants to have the right to vote. No, absolutely not. Anyone who is not legally a part of this country has no right to vote; none.

This subject should not even warrant consideration. This mindset is a huge part of why of the illegal immigration problem cannot be resolved.; because of bleeding heart liberals such as Pelosi.

Illegal immigration could have been sidetracked years ago, but politicians have too much to benefit from it, so why fight it? I’ll tell you why; because our country is about to burst at the seams and not one of our leaders is doing a damn thing to stop it.

We often hear that our forefathers were immigrants, so why the fuss? The fuss is because our ancestors came in the right way, gave back to the country, respected the privilege to be here, didn’t try and change it into the place where they came (that they apparently disliked so much), and were happy to be called Americans. That cannot be said of those illegally entering our country today and every day.

Illegals know how to work the system and we have to wonder how they learned so much. Unless we remove liberal politicians like Pelosi and her cohorts, this country is going to go to waste in a most destructive way.

We need real leaders, caring leaders, not self-seeking individuals who break every rule and twist every regulation to suit their own agenda.

Debbie Hilton

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