Letter to the Editor: PETA ‘sin tax’ remarks are not welcome

After reading the commentary of PETA, (‘“Sin tax’ on meat and dairy sales needed in Delaware,” July 1) first I’d like to say that Delaware has a very diverse economy. Next please mind your own business. You’re using the word “sin” for your benefit and out of context for its meaning. It is not a sin to eat meat or dairy products, and it says so in the Bible. It’s no one’s business what anyone eats as long as it is a safe for consumption, and not illegal.

Only in your limited focus of vision is it a sin because you would like nothing better than to make the rest of the world conform to your and the United Nations’ will. Because as you see it, things need to be your way alone. I didn’t read anything about choice or other points of view.

As an American and a Delawarean, I choose to ignore and scoff at your version of how the world should be. It’s people like you that give vegans and vegetarians a bad rep as being holier than thou about what the non vegans eat. Most are happy to live and let live with each of us making our own choices. You choose your lifestyle and I choose mine. Not what you’ve suggested in your comments.

PETA has inserted itself a second time that I’m aware of into the Delaware public and political issues — both times with unsolicited comments. The last time you suggested that Slaughter Beach change its name. Again I say unless your a Delawarean, mind your own business.

PETA, as far as I can see, is nothing more than front for a more socialist view of things. As for me it’s not welcome. Treating animals with more respect is one thing but now you make the leap that we all should be vegan based on your and the UN’s recommendation. No recommendations from any American sources? Why? Because it’s not supported here, I would bet. Except for people who think as you do.

You would think that you people would have better things to do. Like throw paint on someone wearing a fur coat? That’s what you’re known for, really. You’ve had your own bad press, for other reasons also. People can research that for themselves. Please effect change where you live, not here. I bet I’m not alone in this suggestion.

Have a nice day.

Debra Graves

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