Letter to the Editor: Points to ponder

Does anyone remember when the government declared war on drugs years ago? Maybe back in the 80s or 90s? Seems as though that war is still ongoing and getting worse by the day. To make matters worse, rehabilitation centers are popping up all over the place, where they give away or charge a small fee to help addicts get clean.

There’s even a drug paramedics use to give to someone who has overdosed. There’s another drug given to help wean addicts off drugs. My guess is these programs are government funded and taxpayers are helping to pay the cost. Now, call me stupid, but if our government can pay for such programs, why can’t veterans and cancer patients get financial help?

Add to that, doctors are part to blame for their overwriting prescriptions for pain medicine that, in most cases, is not necessary. Motrin, Advil or Aleve can ease the pain in most cases.

Next case in point; illegal immigration; When and where does it stop? Don’t tell me that we all come from immigrants, that’s a given. But you bet your bottom dollar, 90 percent of them came in the right way, and gladly worked their way through life in the country that embraced and accepted them. They did not sneak in illegally, and squeeze the country dry; nor try to change the country into their own. They added their own certain flair, shared their culture and ours.

Now today, all you have to do is come the border and there is neon sign flashing “Welcome” on it.

Third; abortion. Indeed, every woman has a right to choose, however, late-term abortion is nothing less than murder. And as much as a woman has the right to choose life or death for her child, she also has the right to practice abstinence so as to avoid such a problem in the first place.

One more point than I’ll close; what gives companies the right to choose residential numbers to make sales calls? Heck, I picked up the phone to answer, looked at caller ID and saw my name and number.

It’s a shame the world has become such a cold, untruthful, ravaged place, but again, it’s not the world, it’s the people in it. God must be looking down, shaking his head, and wiping away a few tears.

Debbie Hilton

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