LETTER TO THE EDITOR: ‘Political smear job’

So after the Democrats ruin a good man’s reputation with false accusations, Sen. Coons is going to pray for him and his family!

Isn’t one of God’s commandments “Thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbor”?

Everyone sees this for what it is — a political smear job to ruin a good man from becoming a Supreme Court Justice.

The despicable way the Dems went about this is pure party politics. It’s a circus, and yes it’s a disgrace and Flake is just that and Coons — well let’s be real. Even after the FBI investigates and the findings are that Kavanaugh is cleared of this nonsense, is Coons gonna change his vote to yes?

No he will not! Lastly, I’d like to know if Sen. Coons ever had a beer or two while he was in high school or college.

Robert Pajerowski

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