Letter to the Editor: Popular Vote good for democracy

This is not an easy concept. But once you get it, you will agree. The National Popular Vote assures that the candidate receiving the most popular votes nationally is elected U.S. president. A national result for our national elections.

Under the NPV, states will continue to appoint their own electors to the Electoral College. Electors will vote for the candidate receiving the most votes nationally. That person will be elected president.

The NPV does not repeal the Electoral College. It does not require a constitutional amendment. It is not unconstitutional. It is not partisan. And it is not academic – five U.S. presidents have been elected without winning the most popular votes.

And it is not unrealistic. Enactment takes adoption by states representing 270 Electoral College votes. Twelve states with 172 votes have already done this; the NPV is now being considered in another four states.

Last week, the Delaware Senate passed today. If you want the majority will of the American people to elect future presidents, write your representative today to tell them to vote for SB 22. See legis.delaware.gov.

Moira Donoghue

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