Letter to the Editor: Population fact

The Delaware State News published a commentary by Robert Frost on July 22 titled “Troubling justification for abortion.”

Abortion is troubling I agree. I doubt there are many who wouldn’t agree that abortion is a disturbing thing. But some of Mr. Frost’s data appears skewed and therefore I have to question everything he wrote.

For example, perhaps Mr. Frost would like to explain how he can in good faith suspect that 50 percent of people using public funds in California are black. I find that a very telling remark considering a simple fact check would show that black people only represent about 6 percent of California’s population. Moreover I wonder if he has any ideas about the interesting statistics regarding the state he is currently living in.

Mr. Frost obviously doesn’t understand the insidious nature of racism and is not aware of what is included in its full spectrum.

Carol Hotte


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