LETTER TO THE EDITOR: President Trump vs. Philadelphia Eagles


As a strong President Trump supporter and a strong Philadelphia Eagles fan I am saddened by President Trump’s decision to rescind the invitation to the 2017 Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles. It was a major faux pas on the president’s part! However, it should be noted that the NFL players should exhibit respect for the national anthem, Our flag and country by standing in tribute to America during these sporting events.

It is factual that no Philadelphia Eagle took a knee during the 2017 NFL season. All professional athletes should express their animosity and distress to correct their designated concerns in an appropriate time and place.

As many players now realize this approach they are working within their states and communities to resolve these issues in a concentrated effort to better the lives of its populations. They are putting their money where their mouths are!

Not standing for America during a sporting event is not the acceptable. Their “stand” has caused much troubling public confusion as to what exactly is their specific intent. Unfortunately, it has been depicted as disrespect for our American military, flag and, in general, the hands that so lavishly feed them — our beloved country.

Our brave military have given their all. Their dedication, blood and their very lives so these professionals can openly express their “opinion” in any chosen format where their celebrity status dictates. Their freedom to improve the conditions they have determined to be erroneous can be focused in a compatible manner. The flamboyant Kaepernick approach is wrong! State the issues and case where it will do the best — within your states and communities in need.

Yes, President Trump made an error in judgment concerning the Philadelphia Eagles’ cancellation of the White House celebration for the 2017 Super Bowl champions. America is a forgiving nation. Past enemies are now our friends. We have made nice with many nations — beginning at the conception of America with the Brits; and World War II axis power adversaries Germany and Japan. We can now even enjoy a vacation on China Beach in Vietnam.

Let’s look at the positives. The Trump administration has achieved much to improve and prosper America since President Trump’s election. The tax relief programs are starting to kick in enabling Americans to keep money in their pockets — not into the Washington, DC coffers.

Our brave military, who were in dire straits for strengthening is now stronger than ever and growing more so every day. Our once neglected veterans now have seen progress especially through the Veterans Mission (Choice) Bill signed by President Trump on June 6, authorization allowing veterans to seek alternative medical facilities if the VA are unable to provide their medical attention in an expedient period of time. No more intolerable wait-time will be allowed. Our unemployment ratios are at an all-time low of 3.8 percent with good paying jobs now for all Americans. America is on a “Great” path!

President Trump may not always speak as the professional Washington, DC politicians would prefer. He speaks with candor and from his heart. Only the American people understand. The only ones who really count. Washington, D.C. is in a quandary as to how to work with a man who is as outspoken and forthright as President Trump. These wizards of the articulate word and unfulfilled promises are puzzled why this neophyte political phenom — the 45th POTUS.

It’s simple — his programs are working much to the political chagrin. America is stronger than it has been in decades. Respect for America is now re-established.

For the first time in over 60 years, North Korea peace is now attainable. Do we see a Nobel Peace Prize destined for the Oval Office?

With all of the above factors in mind, is it not time for a peace negotiation between the NFL and POTUS? Forgive the “un-invite” by the President Trump to the Philadelphia Eagles and let’s move forward. Another 2018 Super Bowl championship may be in the future offing for the City of Brotherly Love — if they play the game “standing” tall and erect!

May God bless The United States of America.

Beverly Monahan


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