Letter to the Editor: Puny county budget?

After reading Sunday’s article about the three county budgets, (“120 county employees in Delaware top $100K in pay,” Oct. 7) I could not believe you said and I quote that ‘’Kent County ends up at a comparatively PUNY $65 million budget.’’ Are you serious? You are so far off it isn’t funny.

May I ask what your rich Executives spend all the people’s tax money on? Hmm let me guess.

Maybe the other county executives should learn to live within a budget. I bet you would have a lot of money left over. Maybe you should ask Kent County executives how they live within their means.

We do not need to have all that money to be happy. I know a lot of people that think money makes them happy but they never have enough and never will. So learn to live on a budget like we do. Good job, Kent County.

Darlene Bennett

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