Letter to the Editor: Put flags in a museum

In response to the “Confederate Flag Flap” letter (Aug. 9), by Mr. Melville’s description of “ancient history” and “Southern heritage” in keeping the Confederate flag on properties without consequence, is it also OK now for descendants of Nazis to mount flags with swastikas and SS bolts because those flags represent Aryan heritage?

It was almost 75 years ago, so that’s ancient history now, right? No, it’s not, and those symbols also represent the death, subjugation and oppression of Jewish citizens.

The Confederates wanted to secede from the Union because they wanted to maintain the legal ability to consider African Americans property to do as they will with them (subjugate, oppress and kill at will). That is what the Confederate flag upholds. That is what the man who created the Confederate flag upheld.

As for ancient history: for the Baby Boomer generation, 154 years is, at most, one great-great-grandparent ago (meaning that person was alive during the time period), and if Delaware didn’t vote to ratify the 13th amendment until 1901, it was only one great-grandparent ago.

Ancient history? Let’s not forget that once slavery was abolished, there were Jim Crow laws, lynchings, cross burnings, church burnings, segregation, red lining, the need for the Voting Rights Act in 1965 (one parent ago for Generation X and Gen Y Millennials).

Scabs of history are not being picked. The aftermath of slavery is an open wound this country put a Band-Aid on and tries to pretend like the effects aren’t still actively damaging people today. Hiding white supremacy under the guise of Southern heritage is one of those effects.

Also, let’s not pretend the Delaware flag is anywhere relative to the Confederate flag. No, the state didn’t act as quickly as it could to vote to ratify the 13th Amendment, but in a perfect world, slavery never would have happened in the “Land of the Free,” so no state truly acted quickly enough to rectify it.

Put the Confederate flags in a museum. They are nothing anyone should be proud to wave.

Deb Hawkins

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