LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Putin’s perception is Russia’s reality

The Russian public is only told what Vlad the Impaler wants them to hear. So far, so good. On TV he has shown the unintended bombing of a hospital by the United States airstrikes and other anti-American actions, completely eliminating any mention of the intended Russian air attacks on the Syrian rebel forces fighting against Putin’s pal, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. During these air raids, the Russians would have the world believe they are vigorously attacking ISIS.

Their intentions are not honorable, but quite deliberate, and only helpful to the Assad regime. Our president does not comprehend the evil he has encountered by listening to them, thereby encouraging the Russian rulers. It’s a tough combination of leadership standards between America’s ex-Chicago activist vs. an ex-KGB lieutenant colonel.

They do not play by the same rules of engagement.

The impact Vladimir Putin has had on the Russian public’s belief is that HE is the leader to follow. His actions speak louder than Barack Obama’s words. It is working. Throughout the world, Obama’s leading from behind is an unacceptable behavior. The involvement in Syria by Russia takes some pressure away from their Ukrainian invasion that is continually ongoing with no help from the United States to supply Ukraine with the armaments needed to combat the evil Russian empire. Another miscalculation by the existing Oval Office.

It was quite the surprise when the three-star Russian general pranced into the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad one day after the infamous 90-minute “chat” between Obama and Putin at the recent United Nations meeting, announcing Russia was intending to enter the Syrian conflict, offering their own airstrikes against the enemy, stating the United States airstrikes should cease and [the airplanes should] remain grounded.

That did not happen, but the Russians knew their plan was in motion. After the Russian air raids on the Syrian rebels and nowhere near any ISIS locations, there must have been some confusion on Russia’s part as to who was the enemy. During these airstrikes, many innocent civilians (men, women and children) were maimed and killed.

Apparently, that most beneficial “chat” fell on Vlad’s deaf ears. As always, he does whatever he believes will be the most beneficial for Russia and, frankly, the United States be damned. He is sure that the current United States president will continue his “spoken” word and do absolutely nothing to stop Russian aggression.

In the meantime, our Middle Eastern allies do not feel secure in their alliances with America. They know we do not have their backs. This is a very tragic occurrence. We are offering Russia every opportunity to step into the area and be the hero as we await positive, decisive actions from the Oval Office. Don’t hold our breath!

It is conceivable that as Russia’s economy is faltering, they may be overextending their military capabilities in many areas that could bog them down with a long-term involvement that would be unsustainable. They endured this situation with their lengthy involvement in Afghanistan that ended quite badly. The Russian Bear may well be biting off more than he can chew again!

May God bless the United States of America!

Beverly Monahan

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