LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Questioning any president is not hatred

Mr. Johnson, I read, with great sadness, your letter on the Opinion page of the Delaware State News (Oct. 5, 2018). Although most economists would disagree with your assessment of the current state of affairs, I will accept your thoughts without the overreaching paranoia. Although most politicians have a strong tendency to exaggerate the facts, the Trump administration has certainly exceeded anyone’s expectations.

What worries me the most about your comments is the hate and the equation of dissent with that hate. You have presented in one simple headline all that troubles our American culture and society. I am concerned that you have assigned motives to citizens’ behavior that you know little of. I would remind you that this country was founded on dissent. You and I have the right to disagree and hopefully we do so with civility. Your use of the word hate diminishes our ability to construct a better life for all citizens because it stops the conversation.

Any disappointment or disagreement I may have with Mr. Trump does not cause me to hate him but merely to offer an opinion as you have done. We do not need to agree but we do have a responsibility to participate in this grand experiment.

I am extraordinarily disappointed in our president. Successful leadership does not include denigrating minorities and women. It does not include making up problems and then bombastically finding solutions. My fear is that in the future, this country will pay a price for such ignorant behavior that neither of us has contemplated.

Questioning any president is not hatred but a search for a more perfect union. I would encourage you to diversify your media ‘diet’. Listen to public radio, read this newspaper and gain some insight into another point of view. America has always needed improvement, but that will not happen when we are constantly questioning each other’s faith in this great land and all its people.

Robert McKennett

LTC (ret)


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