Letter to the Editor: Questions about commentary

As I began to read Mr. Carreau’s commentary (7/7/19) I thought the writer had some good points but as I continued reading I changed my mind.

  1. Where did Mr Carreau get his evidence about how citizens view the federal govt vs the states? Did he make that up?
  2. He feels that “Get Out the Vote” campaigns are too costly and a waste of time. Think of the expense of not voting. Our current deficit is going through the roof under this administration. Part of that is the result of many people not voting.
  3. Who is to decide who should “morally refrain …” from voting? You, the Congress, churches?
  4. If he did some research he would know the impeachment is not an indictment. Two different things.
  5. Again, doing research would show that Freedom of the Press, Speech and Assembly is about activism and choosing sides much like we are doing here. It was designed so that people could speak their mind in writing, speech and action without fear that the government would punish them. Which president has urged his followers to attack reporters or is this part of the selective amnesia many people on the right suffer from? If he’s worried about being cursed by “…lies, spin and obscenities…” he should pay attention to some media outlets other than Fox News.

My whatever Gods you believe in keep an eye on us.

Steve Caporiccio


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