Letter to the Editor: Re-elect Jason Mollohan

I feel this 2018 election year is very important to the residents of Kent County, as well as our nation. Jason Mollohan is a “no-brainer” this election day for Kent Count sheriff. I have known Jason both personally, and professionally, for many years. Jason is a man of honesty, dedication, and integrity. He has demonstrated these qualities during his 15 years as a New Castle County police officer.

Although the sheriff’s position is only a part-time role, Jason is there serving at his job as if it were a full-time position. He is always available to assist and help in any way he possibly can. I, myself, have called the sheriff’s office and was able to speak directly to Jason Mollohan and address any concerns I had.

He would look into whatever I needed and I would receive a call back directly from him. Jason’s willingness to go above and beyond is something that makes him fully qualified for Kent County sheriff. This isn’t just a paycheck for him. He takes full responsibility for his duties to service all residents of Kent County.

During his first four years as sheriff, Jason has revamped the Sherrff’s Office website to be more user friendly. The website gives the public more information regarding upcoming sales, and much easier access to foreclosure mediation programs offered by the state of Delaware. He has also installed a new mapping system that easily allows all citizens to view upcoming sales throughout the entire county.

I ask that we vote Jason Mollohan to continue to run the Sheriff’s Office in an efficient way, with a helpful approach towards the citizens of Kent County. This has been the approach taken by Jason for the past four years, and I know without a doubt he will continue to do so.

Bruce Collins

EDITOR’S NOTE: Incumbent Republican Jason Mollohan is facing Democratic challenger Brian Lewis.

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