LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Re-elect Terry Pepper

When you look to elect a candidate to represent the whole county at the Levy Court you look for a person that has the most experience, qualified and the most concerned person to represent the citizens needs of the county. There is such a person in Kent County today and his name is Terry Pepper.

Terry Pepper has earned our respect and support and deserves to be re-elected to the position of Commissioner at Large. Love, compassion, sacrifice, and loyalty for our county are just a few words that describes Mr. Pepper. He has the experience of holding the Commissioner at Large position for many years and has the knowledge of the county to move it forward in the future.

Mr. Pepper has shown on many occasions an admirable strength of character in the face of real adversity in my opinion. Terry has distinguished himself by clearly demonstrating a willingness to do what he was elected to do. He has managed to get things done- regardless of the political composition.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Terry Pepper is a Democrat running for re-election.

David W. Mazur

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