Letter to the Editor: Red-light cameras

Readers reacted to a recent Letter to the Editor headlined “Red-light cameras violate basic human rights” whereby the writer received a ticket for his vehicle entering the intersection nine-tenths of a second after the signal had turned red.

• So the question should be did you have time to stop, or did you decide to chance it? Since you chose to chance it, you paid the price. Next time choose to stop. Lots of individuals have no problem with this for some reason. Lots of individuals have no problem with this for some reason. — Stacy Johnson

• We all have a right to be safe. If someone chooses not to stop for a red light, they’re choosing to put my basic right of freedom and safety up for debate. I think my right to safely be on the road trumps your right to run red lights — just saying. — Ronald King

• His argument is about having our rights taken away, and I’m in agreement. I support law enforcement but a camera is not law enforcement. It is a means to serve fines upon drivers and limit the driver’s recourse. — Carol Ward

• You know the light is there and so is the camera. Yellow means slow down, no excuse to run it. Drivers can also fight the ticket if they feel they were wronged, considering the registered owner gets the ticket. If you share a car, you might never know. — Melissa Epperly

• It is not about the violation. It is about the taxation. When these cameras first went up, the state residents were told it was for vehicle monitoring. Within one year of doing so they were transformed over to red lights violations, which is not even run by the state but a private company that the state makes revenue off of. — Jeff Grzeszczak

• In my opinion, if they install these red light cameras, they should also be required to install the countdown timers as well. I use the countdown timers to determine when the light is going to turn yellow. I can then make an informed decision on how to proceed. Some of the crosswalk signals aren’t synced with the changing of the light. However. I would like to see all of them synced up with the changing of the light. If you get a ticket after all of that, you absolutely deserve it. — Mark Schmalhofer

• A police officer reviewed your violation. They determined your vehicle violated the law. You can appeal it, but there is incontrovertible proof. The city of Dover collects half the amount of the fine for allowing the company to set up their cameras in the town. — Peter Servon

• Personally I think every car should have dashcams and be able to submit violations they witness to have police follow through with fines and arrests. In my area the main road goes from 40 mph by parkland to 30 where it gets residential so people need to turn off. But people want to use the left lane to go up to 50 mph so you take your life in your hands slowing down to turn. Route 4 connector to Route 7 also needs barriers for the idiots who think they can speed past after Centre Point then force their way back in to left lanes to turn. Every day seems to get worse and more dangerous. — Nabeela Jeanne Black Swartz

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