Letter to the Editor: Republicans are no better than Democrats

Beverly Monahan’s opinion piece in the Delaware State News on Nov. 14 entitled “Be careful what you ask for with the blue wave,” was almost unreadable. I don’t know what she was trying to accomplish by employing the stilted writing style she used because I could have made the same points she appeared to be trying to put across with a lot fewer five dollar words. Allow me to translate and paraphrase some of her remarks for the general public.

Ms. Monahan obviously expects miracles in as much as she thinks the Democrats holding the majority in the House of Representatives should conduct themselves in a bipartisan manner after winning so many seats there during the midterm election. What are the chances of that happening? I guess she thinks the Democrats should be above the sixth-grade mentality the Republicans have displayed since the last presidential election in as much as many of them have been acting like braggarts by essentially calling the Democrats a bunch of losers.

Anyone who expects better has yet to learn that most everyone knows the majority of people sent to D.C. are a mix of self-serving fools and worse. We have a bumper crop right now because anyone with any intelligence is busy trying to make their millions in free enterprise.

Moving on in my analysis, Ms. Monahan portends all sorts of gloom and doom in store for our great nation should the Democrats not cede their new position to the Senate and the Executive Branch. Oh give me a break! I do believe their election was a message to those other entities. Even so Ms. Monahan slyly cuts in a reference to the gains the Republicans made in the Senate, whoopee! It’s all just more of the same old silliness.

Ms. Monahan says there should be no squabbling allowed when America needs the government’s guidance and wisdom. On the contrary, I want loads less of their guidance and I haven’t seen much wisdom come out of D.C. since Nixon stepped down. (Oh yes, I can be slick with innuendos too.) The United States has always been about squabbling, complaining and mud in your eye politics and I for one don’t want it to change into a lock-stepped, paranoid society of sheep too weak to stand up for their individual beliefs.

I believe it is through diversity of opinion and the subsequent internal strife it creates that this nation; often philosophically at war with itself; promotes the will of the people which has always come to the fore.

Carol Hotte

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