Letter to the Editor: Republicans are not Tories

The Commentary on June 21 by Jack Hoban of “Saddle up for the next election” was expressed most eloquently on the true meaning of democracy as spoken and written by our founding fathers. This could be viewed in another format of interpretation. It was established in a different time and place than what we are now experiencing in America and throughout the world. Yes, our beloved forefathers were of a mindset that America deserved to be free from British rule.

They believed that the three bodies of government, executive, legislative and judicial would be able to set aside any differences and work together for achieving the status of American security, prosperity and growth. What would they now see as the troubled governmental guidance perpetrated upon America by political ingrates who see only what will enable them to achieve their own personal goals of success? This is the world they never envisioned, nor imagined, could have occurred in their original desire for our great country’s future. Shame on today’s misbegotten political leadership and memberships.

In Mr. Hoban’s concept, today’s Republicans should be equated to the desecrated Tories during our American Revolution. Though an erroneous conclusion, the perfect example of Democratic logic. As memory serves, in another tragic American Civil War, Southerners were reinstated back into the Union after their loss to our brave federal troops. So were the Tories once more committed Americans after the turmoil and exploitation of their misguided judgments. Our enemies of the past e.g., Japan, Germany and Vietnam are now our friends. However, as President Teddy Roosevelt once said, “Speak softly and carry a big stick”. Still holds true today.

Contrary to Mr. H’s beliefs, President Trump does not envision himself as a king. He delivers the promises he made during his 2016 presidential campaign and election. Yes, 2020’s elections at all levels will be a tough ride to the finish line. As to the presidential run, look for President Trump to be fully prepared to “saddle up” successfully galloping to his second presidential win.

Beverly Monahan

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