LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Republicans, now do you see a problem?

As a patriotic American, it is clear to me that our current president is neither a champion of the American people nor the United States of America itself.

Beyond the rhetoric, and outright enabling, of some media outlets and too many members of Congress, the performance given by the president in Helsinki is more than sufficient to give even the most passionate supporter pause. Even Fox News has consistently criticized Trump’s statements. Even Fox News!

Such behavior is more than an aberration; it is clearly a pattern. This president serves his own interests first, and ours last.

It is our responsibility to not only check this grossly irresponsible behavior, but to reclaim the rights of the American people, and the United States, to maintain a representative democracy that serves our people.

The fate of the world rests upon us taking our responsibility. To do so, we may have to accept whatever sacrifice, including smear campaigns by vested interests, in order to save our country and our way of life.

Michael Miller

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