Letter to the Editor: Republicans taking voters for fools

The Republicans must think the American voter is a just hatched blue-footed booby. Example: TV ad, Nancy Pelosi on the left, big spending on the right; next frame: federal deficit going up. I seem to remember the Republicans passing the biggest spending bill ever, and celebrating on the South Lawn of the White House.

Then, they passed a tax cut that left the government without enough money to pay its bills and that’s when the deficit went through the ceiling.

The other thing the Republicans are doing is talking out of both sides of the mouth. On one hand they are going to get rid of Obamacare and on the other side they are going to protect all those people with pre-existing conditions. Isn’t that a key feature of Obamacare?

Someone must not be paying attention because Donald Trump was called a very successful business man. Losing nine million dollars in one year is successful? And not only that, but he couldn’t borrow any money from any bank with that record. How did he get back on his feet? By selling condos in his buildings to Russian Mafia who needed to get rubles out of Russia, paying for a $2 million condo with cash.

Dorothy L. Mallozzi

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