LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Reset the clocks — not the congressional majority

Do we want to return to the futile past or do we want to continue on the progressive path to American opportunity, security and prosperity? If your choice is the latter — then vote Democratic focused on the Democratic guidance previously heralded in the Senate by the leadership of New York’s Chuck Schumer and in the House by California’s Nancy Pelosi who led America driven into the oblivion of mediocrity of spirit and progression in all aspects of our lives while America suffered with a lack of transparency and negative growth.

Must we return America to the political quagmire instituted by Democratic ineptness that fermented their entire code of operation? Will we be destined to relive the nightmare of inadequate governing with non-effective programs that inflicted us with higher taxes. regulations that inhibited American manufacturing and prosperity and once again travel down the road to no kept promises that were never realistic nor achievable?

The Democrats are most noteworthy to raise the working person’s taxes, inhibiting American ingenuity and growth all in the abject aura of their righteous command. They have ridden roughshod over American liberty and freedoms denied by their regulatory demands that had severely denied Americans to thrive and flourish at every opportune prospect.

They were unable to deliver positive growth patterns during their abominable terms of office. We were assuredly advised that the status quo was the new “norm” and to be satisfied with our complacent lives for the foreseeable future. That statute is not justifiable or warranted by any American standards.

We look forward to individual opportunity not imposed upon by political agendas that glamorize unachievable Democratic goals. We have endured the negative precedents provided by Democratic enthusiasts who instill that return to the ill-fated future offered by Democratic radicals who have overtaken the party of the “working” man and woman currently promising to be beneficial to us all.

Left-wing extremists have infiltrated the core of the once-viable resource of America’s party championed by Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harry S. Truman and John F. Kennedy, now negating all progress of our beloved country.

If we are once more mired in the squalor of the swamp and return Sen. Schumer and House Minority Rep. Nancy Pelosi to majority positions we will once more return our future to the dismal past.

Yes, Nov. 6 is the most important election day of our congressional lives and Nov. 4 is time to reset the clocks (backward). Let us not reset the congressional majority (backward).

We must aggressively pursue to continue the clear successful pathway to our futures. As a positive recourse to achieve that goal vote Republican!

May God bless the United States of America.

Beverly Monahan

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