Letter to the Editor: Respect missing from the political discourse of left

Take a deep breath in. Let it out. Now, please stop talking for five minutes. This is my request of the unhinged left who have become so irate in almost every facet of American politics. I have no ill will for those on the left and honestly believe they have the best interest for our nation at heart.

While not every liberal has contributed to their current image of hysteria, this predominant faction of those on the left poses a genuine threat to the stability of our American society. There is plenty of blame to go around on both sides of the political spectrum for creating the volatile discourse that is so prevalent in our nation. I ask every person to take a moment of self-reflection and realize how they may be contributing to this dangerous game of escalation.

If you are struggling with this — as many on the left are — a useful tip is to treat each person you meet with a baseline of respect. It does not matter if you have ever met the person or not. Simply respect them. Treat that person acting under the premise that we are all united as Americans and all wish to promote the betterment of the United States. Respect. This fundamental quality is non-existent from many on the left.

My name is Matthew Hesterman, and I am a 19-year-old college student from Magnolia, Delaware, currently attending the University of Nevada-Las Vegas. While walking on America’s most diverse college campus, I am consistently subject to the repetitive shouts of angry protesters in matching shirts who frequently yell hate-filled remarks including “Dump the orange man!” When did it become OK to target physical features including skin color? Typically, this would count as discrimination, but I guess this is only relevant when the left is offended. Respect. This fundamental quality is non-existent from many on the left.

I would also urge the left to stop assuming moral superiority throughout political discourse. For a group of individuals who wish to promote acceptance and love, it seems as if these traits only go so far to include those of the same political mindset. It is my experience that if I do not conform to the singular mindset of the highly prevalent, angry, liberal, college student, then I am someone who is filled with hate and bigotry. These extremist labels are toxic to the political atmosphere of our nation.

I am an American, and as such, I should be presumed as an individual who wishes for the betterment of the United States whether or not you agree with my political stance. Respect. This fundamental quality is non-existent from many on the left.

Finally, the average American citizen is entitled to more respect than what many on the left currently offer. Each person deserves to be addressed with the aforementioned baseline of respect. Voters are pandered to by many on the left, most especially on college campuses.

College students are often bombarded with political propaganda and a slew of empty phrases that catch the attention of many. The morning rooster crow of a college campus is a loud screech of angry liberal protesting. I am in complete favor of every person exercising their right to free speech. However, let’s do it in a way that is productive and civil.

While the left assumes that my peers lack the sufficient intellectual capacity to do such, I have respect for their free thought and preconceived political mindset. Respect. This fundamental quality is non-existent from many on the left.

While President Trump’s bold personality and unorthodox style contribute to the level of political discourse in our nation, he is our president, and this should be the accepted reality. Some 62,984,828 Americans voted for President Trump. The office of the presidency should still be respected and denying this respect is denying the civic voice of almost 63 million Americans.

I have never seen such blatant disregard towards any group of people as Democrats have most recently treated those who have supported our president. While this is the political suicide of the left, this extreme route of radical rhetoric is the path many Democrats have chosen for the 2018 midterm elections.

I, however, have more respect for the American people. No matter who you decide to vote for, I believe the American people will see through the dangerous discourse that is perpetuated by many Democratic officeholders and the mainstream media. Respect. This fundamental quality needs to be existent everywhere in our American society.

Matthew Hesterman

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