Letter to the Editor: Restoring Delaware’s senior tax credit

House Bill 37 was submitted to the General Assembly on Jan. 10. This bill restores the senior tax credit to its $500 amount that was reduced two years ago. It is a simple bill that restores $100 to the senior tax credit that has been there for years.

The state decided during that time period to reduce that amount and other senior programs due to a budget “crunch.” The state has restored the other cuts but for some reason, has not seen fit to restore this one.

The newspapers report large amounts of money added to the state coffers this year and extending into next year. This bill has not even received a hearing since it was introduced, Why not? We have seen a new school tax bill introduced that will let the school districts increase your taxes without referendum after all but one referendum was voted down.

The people in Dover need to fix this problem of taking and taking from the seniors who live in Delaware. Not only do you need to restore the credit back to the $500 credit, but you need to either create a way to increase the credit due to the cost of living, or you need to pass a law “freezing” senior property tax rates at the level they are at when a senior reaches their 65th birthday and not allowing any school tax referendum to raise the senior tax costs. When the senior dies or the property is sold then the property taxes could be adjusted to current levels.

Richard Kepfer

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