LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Richardson the correct choice

My original encounters with Bryant Richardson were as a customer of and advertiser in his newspaper. I always found him to be appreciative, honest, reliable and responsible.

As a fellow Kiwanian in neighboring, interacting community clubs, I found him to be charitable, kind and considerate. Later as my customer, Bryant and Carol have been discerning and loyal. Bryant has served our local and regional businesses as a Chamber of Commerce member and officer.

As my friend he is trustworthy and thoughtful, a reverent and humble godly man. We have had occasions to worship and pray together.

Now as a Delaware state senator, Bryant is our advocate for life and liberty. In his public service, he is concerned, attentive, sincere, conservative, dependable and accessible. As a husband, father, grandfather, friend and now servant to thousands in your Senate district and to all in Delaware, his work and your vision of a better Delaware are not yet complete.

Sen. Richardson is respected by his colleagues, will continue to protect and defend life, preserve our freedoms and liberties, and as a Joint Finance Committee member, will continue to protect our wallets.

Vote on Nov. 6 to re-elect Sen. Bryant Richardson.

Ralph Scott III

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