LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Richardson the right choice

Sen. Bryant L. Richardson, District 21, in Delaware, is up for re-election.

Thank you for having voted him into office last term. Sen. Richardson and his family have been our 40 forty years. Sen. Richardson has kept his promises as he has fought hard for the right to life I am presently ashamed of the state of Delaware because they have allowed their lawmakers in Dover to place into law a choice for a pregnant woman to be able to abort her baby at full term, nine months if that is what she wants. I feel that this law desperately needs to be changed as it seems barbaric to me.

Sen. Richardson has been fighting to get this awful law changed and he will continue to fight for it to be changed as long as he is serving the 21st District.

Sen. Richardson has never voted for a tax increase. He comes from a hard-working family and they, like us, know how discouraging that would be to all of us. He believes in the right to bear arms. He is very committed to protecting our rights as stated in the Constitution.

Sen. Richardson is a Christian man who not only believes in God but tries everyday to set a good example for all of us. He will always fight to protect our freedoms and the American dream.

The people of Delaware need to be selective as to whom they vote to represent them in Dover.

I say, cast your vote for Sen. Richardson for the 21st District in Delaware as he is not only a man of his word but he truly knows what the word ”commitment” really means. You see, he has been faithfully married to the same woman, his wife of 50-plus years. Imagine that.

Sen. Richardson wants to continue to serve the people of Delaware of the 21st District, so please make every effort to get out and vote for him on Tuesday, Nov. 6.

Judy Bernstein
Salisbury, Md. (formerly of Seaford)

EDITOR’S NOTE: Under a law passed in 2017, the state currently allows abortion up to viability, defined as “the point in a pregnancy when, in a physician’s good faith medical judgment based on the factors of a patient’s case, there is a reasonable likelihood of the fetus’s sustained survival outside the uterus without the application of extraordinary medical measures.” A 2018 bill to ban abortion after 20 weeks went nowhere in the General Assembly.

Sen. Bryant Richardson, a Republican, is facing Democrat Robert Wheatley in the upcoming election.

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