Letter to the Editor: Right on, Joe

Kudos to Doris W. Draper for her insightful letter to the editor printed on April 12. (“Biden will bring back truth and leadership”)

Right on. Right on! I am totally down with her observation that it’s time for the ladies to put on their big girl pants and suck it up! Doris put up with it for years, having worked around truck drivers and mechanics.

Considering the former vice president comes from a very similar background (hard coal miners), it’s only natural that he’d behave in the same way.

It’s a small price to pay when, as Doris asserts, Joe Biden has the strength to put our country back on a path to truth and respect. So let’s all keep our hopes high and cheer Joe on as he plows his way through the two dozen (and counting) other Democratic presidential hopefuls.

Remember, Joe has steel in his spine and carries a big stick! Oh wait, that was Barack Obama. But I truly believe the same applies to Joe. Get ’em Tiger!!

Rodney W. Moore

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